My Creations

The Geoni range accessory range are uniquely handcrafted in Aluminium and Leather.

Aluminium is an allergic free metal that does not tarnish and with our cleaning instructions and good care it will last a lifetime.

The look and feel is boldly stylish and functional to have and to wear.

The Sculpture range consist of the Tea Light Candle Holder  handcrafted to perfection and cast in cement with beautiful decor for that special moment.

Tea Light Candle Holder
Handcrafted in Cement.
Small: 60 x 75mm
Price @ R70
Medium: 120 x 75mm
Price @ R90
Large: 180 x 75
Price @ R130
Color: Natural
Available in Brown, Grey & Red see images below.
Plant Pots

Sculpted Architectural square Plant Pot. Cast in Organic Resin. Also available in Cement.

Price: @ R300 
Size:  120 x 90mm

Sculpted Abstract Face Plant Pot. Cast in Cement.
Price @ R280
Size: 120 x 90 mm



Hand Casted Frame

Hand Cast Frame & Vessel with metal finish. Wall decor art or a picture frame.
Size: 21 x 16.5cm
Price @ R350

Cast in Organic Resin. Also available in Cream color.

Rose Design Lamp

Rose Design Lamp with metal finish and LED light.
Price @ R850
Size: 580 x 120 mm

Stainless Steel Designer Range

Wine Bottle & Glass Design.
Rust Free Stainless Steel.        Home or office wall decor.      Price @ R490                            Size: 28 x 15 cm

Handcrafted Aluminium Bathroom Accessories

Twirl Design

Diamond Design